Tiger's First Birthday

I can't believe that it is already my little pups first birthday! The time flew so quickly and I can't even imagine how tiny she used to be. If you have been following me on insta, you would see we just grew our family again by getting a Great Dane puppy! So, not only did Tiger have a birthday, she gained a sister this week too!

Off The Shoulder

Okay! I am just brutally in love with my new top from Forever 21! I picked it up yesterday for about $20 - It's off the shoulders, has the perfect length and the flared sleeves make it my new favourite shirt!

Little Velvet Dress

Okay, I do love my little black dress. But right now I'm obsessing over my little velvet dress! 
It's a very romantic/lacey slip that feels amazing. It can be layered with a bunch of fall accessories, but will also look super cute when summer roles around as a dinner night dress. 

Embroidered Bicycles

And here we have another Zellya top! 
I have been eyeing this baby up for a while now & I'm so happy now that I have it! 

Wishing It Were NYC

Whenever I'm down this street, I picture myself along the streets of NYC about to walk up to my loft apartment in a beautiful kept place like this, all white walls, industrial hanging lightbulbs & a closet so full I don't even know what I have. 
And instead, I'm walking up to my student living apartment with a coin washing machine that never actually gets my clothes fully clean in one go. 
The struggle is real when you're in the early stages of a creative career.
But I'm still dreaming!

Autumn Fever

While writing this blog, I randomly thought I should name it "Autumn Blues" because I feel like Fall is coming to a close with all of the Holiday festivities going on. But who am I kidding, it has been BEAUTIFUL these past few days. I think we hit the prime time for Autumn weather. Therefore, changed it to "Autumn Fever" for a good reason!

On My Way To The Adult Life

1 hour until an interview. What do I wear? 
Here I have an outfit dedicated to H&M - Well at least the skirt and turtleneck. The clutch can be found from Chapters and Shoes from Forever 21. 

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